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We often hear from patients that they choose to keep tattoos they regret because of the discomfort, cost and seemingly endless series of  visits they have to endure to have them removed.  With the DeScribe Patch, we finally have a much better solution for current and new tattoo removal patients.

The DeScribe Patch is integrated into current laser tattoo removal regimens by simply placing the Patch over the tattoo being removed. Our office prides itself on offering treatment options that are best-in-class and that improve our patient outcomes.  The DeScribe Patch is an example of one of those treatment options – bringing an entirely new technology together with proven lasers to produce substantially better results.

We are one of the first practices in the area to carry the DeScribe Patch, so if you are considering laser tattoo removal call us today to come in for a consultation.

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The FDA-cleared DeScribe PFD Patch allows rapid multiple laser passes in a treatment session.  The patch offers several advantages:

  • Liquid PFD (perfluorodecalin) quickly dissipates the opaque white layer produced by short-pulse lasers, enabling immediate re-treatment.
  • PFD acts as a superior optical clearing agent, to reduce scattering in tissue and enable higher fluence deep within the dermis.
  • The DeScribe PFD Patch helps protect the epidermis from thermal injury by heat conduction into the silicone.
  • The Patch minimizes evaporation of PFD, and protects the staff from ejected skin debris.

In a recent clinical trial, patients reported less discomfort and faster healing time with the Patch, ultimately reducing the time to clearance.  In a related study, 100% of subjects given the option of completing the study with or without the Patch chose the Patch.

USAGE OF THE PFD PATCH IS OPTIONAL.  Call for a free consultation to learn more.


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