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Dr. Ruiz, RSVP MedSpa's Medical Director, was recently featured in the Kansas City Star’s Men’s and Health section on how low testosterone impacts the quality of life for men. The article focused on one of Dr. Ruiz’s patients, John Anderson (39), who had been experiencing fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and no results for rigorous training at the gym several times a week and had approached Dr....

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Remember how adamant your mother was that you didn’t get IN to the pool without sun block on. I used to think that was so ridiculous when we were just going to wash it off, eventually.  I never understood it until I had my own children, and I did the exact same thing. We have been using sun screen for years and years, not thinking a...

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We often think of our organs as inside of us, tucked safely away from harm. If you didn’t know, your skin is an organ, and it is the largest one you have. In that case, it’s pretty important and needs special care so that it can do its job well and protect all the other organs we have! If we’re honest, most of us don’t treat...

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