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For affordable Dysport in KC, consider RSVP Med Spa for your treatment. For an effective method of reducing the visible signs of aging, Dysport is trusted by medical professionals and clients the world over for its ability to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. RSVP Med Spa’s staff are expert in the administration of Dysport and Botox. Why not give them a call today to learn more about the treatment?
Nearly everyone has heard of the benefits of Botox for reversing the signs of aging. Interestingly, while Dysport is often used as an alternative to Botox, with surpassing results, not many patients have even heard the name. If you’ve just started to notice wrinkles or lines on your forehead, Dysport may be the perfect solution to erasing these lines and creating the smooth, youthful look you want.
Dysport offers several distinct advantages over Botox. Consider just a few of its benefits:
- Dysport offers more even spreading than Botox, therefore the results are more natural looking. For patients who are trying to avoid the look of ‘having work done’, they’ll find Dysport is KC area’s most popular lunchtime facelift treatment.
- Dysport is a painless procedure- something to certainly get excited about. In comparison with more invasive methods of treatment to the face for the purpose of rejuvenation, only Dysport offers a truly painless way to get results. Only 3-5 very small injections are necessary for treatment, which do not cause the patient any pain.
- Since Dysport is painless, anesthesia is not required, making it one of the safest treatments available today. Anesthesia, while considered very safe by today’s standards, always comes with some risk. For most treatment options, the benefits outweigh the risks. Dysport treatment does not require that the patient weigh the pros and cons.
- Patients who have received multiple Botox treatments often find that Botox no longer works for them. Dysport is the first choice for patients who can no longer benefit from Botox. 
- The effects of Dysport last a lot longer than Botox, making it a more affordable option, since treatments can be spaced farther apart without compromising on the results. RSVP Med Spa offers both Dysport and Botox treatments. Feel free to contact a specialist from the facility by calling 913-387-1104 to discuss your options.
- Results with Dysport are typically seen faster than from Botox, making it an extremely attractive option for reducing and often eliminating fine lines and wrinkles brought on by the aging process. 
Dysport is KC area’s preferred treatment when compared with Botox, and it’s easy to see why. It’s affordable nature and quick, visible results are very compelling reasons to give Dysport a try, even if you’ve been a long-standing believer in the benefits of Botox. 
The caring staff from RSVP Med Spa look forward to speaking with you at your initial consultation to help you determine the best treatment plan to achieve your goals. Please call 913-387-1104 or send your questions via email to [email protected]
Dysport Kc
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