Give the Gift of Clear Skin This Holiday Season with AviClear: the First and Only FDA-Cleared Laser Acne Treatment - RSVP Med Spa

Your loved ones deserve to go through life with confidence—this holiday season, gift them the clear skin they dream of with AviClear, a FDA-approved breakthrough energy device for treating acne!

Target Acne at the Source

Unlike most treatments that only affect the surface of the skin, AviClear uses a revolutionary laser to target the sebaceous glands that cause acne at the base of the skin layer. The precise 1726nm wavelength laser down-regulates the amount of sebum produced by these glands since excess production is one of the primary causes of acne. Once the course of AviClear treatment is complete, your loved one’s skin will produce less oil, improving the appearance of acne and preventing future breakouts.

No Stress About Side Effects

With AviClear you do not need to worry about the harmful side effects that can be caused by traditional acne treatments. The most common existing treatment for sebum production today, Isotretinoin, can cause everything from redness, peeling skin, dry eyes, dry nose, headaches, muscle and joint pain, to fatigue. Oral Isotretinoin, also known as Accutane is also associated with liver function abnormality and birth defects!. However, since AviClear does not utilize any chemicals in its process, the worst patients may experience is some temporary redness and inflammation.

Since there are no major risks, it is safe to use on adolescents as young as 12 years old and adults of all skin tones and types. The AviClear system is even outfitted with our special AviCool sensory controls, providing a cooling effect to the skin during treatment to ensure patients are comfortable throughout without numbing or downtime.

Available to Everyone

In the past, treatments that hit acne at the source such as Isotretinoin were only available to patients with severe cystic acne that did not improve with other treatments over a prolonged period. AviClear’s safe and FDA-approved method is not subject to the same requirements– now acne sufferers can receive treatment without suffering routines of medication and ointments that may or may not be effective.

Since AviClear is appropriate for everything from mild to severe outbreaks, the severity of the acne is not a major concern either.

How Effective is AviClear

AviClear is administered in only three 30-minute sessions across three months. By the end of their third session, over 80% of patients reported their acne had cleared up by half or more. No major side effects were suffered by any of the clinical study participants, and any minor irritations after treatment cleared up without further intervention after a brief time.

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RSVP Med Spa is proud to offer AviClear treatments at our Overland Park, KS location, also serving patients in Linwood, Lenexa, Kansas City, and Lake Quivira. Give the gift of clear skin to your loved one this year and let them head into the next year with the clarity and confidence they deserve. Call now to schedule an appointment with Dr. Selena Fu and her expert team to learn more information.