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RSVP Med Spa is now offering professional Kybella treatments in their KC facility. As the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for removing the fat beneath the chin, Kybella is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments available. 
Submental fullness is another term for the fat layer under the chin and can impact both men and women. Submental fat can be extremely hard to get rid of, even through exercise and weight loss. Kybella treatment injected into the subcutaneous fat causes the destruction of fat cells. Once they have been destroyed, they can no longer store fat.
Consider the following benefits of Kybella treatment in KC facility RSVP Med Spa:
- Kybella is the only current alternative to invasive surgery or liposuction to correct the ‘double chin’ appearance. Having been approved by the FDA, Kybella’s safety can give you the confidence to inquire about treatment from RSVP Med Spa when you call 913-387-1104.
- There is no downtime associated with Kybella treatments and no restrictions are placed on the client after treatment, making it very popular as a treatment option.
- Best of all, Kybella is a permanent solution to the problem of fat under the chin. Unlike other aesthetic treatments, such as Botox or dermal fillers, which have to be re-administered when the treatment wears off, Kybella is a one-time treatment that kills the fat-storing cells and eliminates the need for subsequent treatments. Destroyed cells can never store fat again.
- Kybella can restore your youthful appearance and redefine your jaw line through the effective elimination of fat being stored under the chin. If you’ve noticed that as you’ve aged, your neck area has become puffy or has taken on the appearance of the preverbal double chin, contact a specialist from RSVP Med Spa to inquire about Kybella in their KC facility.
- Kybella treatment can boost your self confidence and give you back the look you may have lost to the aging process. Looking better goes hand in hand with feeling your best. 
Learn more about Kybella by clicking on the ‘Services’ link toward the top of the home page and selecting ‘Submental Neck Fat Reduction’ from the drop down menu. Take a closer look at the before and after photo gallery to get a better idea of what Kybella can do for you. Don’t be satisfied with what the aging process has handed you- enjoy a more youthful appearance that will not have to be re-administered later on. Kybella is the preferred one-time treatment more and more clients are asking about.
Read about Kybella on the RSVP Med Spa website to determine if you’re a good candidate for treatment or make a call to the facility at 913-387-1104 to schedule a consultation with an expert. They’ll be happy to discuss the benefits and side effects associated with Kybella and help you create a treatment plan to achieve your goals. Recapture your youth with the only FDA-approved treatment for eliminating Submental fat. 
Kybella Kc
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