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Affordable laser hair removal in Overland Park is as close at visiting RSVP Med Spa. Laser hair is quickly becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments available. If you’ve been searching the area for a reliable provider of laser hair removal, consider making a call to RSVP Med Spa today at 913-387-1104.
Locals love RSVP Med Spa for numerous reasons, not least of which includes the affordability of treatments offered at the Clinic. It’s easier than it’s ever been to remove unwanted hair and not have to deal with it any longer. While there are many options available to clients today, only a handful prove to be worth the time and investment.
RSVP Med Spa uses only the most successful laser hair removal treatments in their Overland Park clinic: ProWave and Cool-Glide, for fast, safe and comfortable permanent hair removal for all skin types. If you’ve spent a lifetime dealing with shaving, tweezing, plucking or waxing- or a combination of all of these treatments, you’re going to love what permanent hair removal can do for you.
Put aside painful waxing & tweezing and forget about daily shaving that can leave your skin in a constant state of irritation. ProWave treatment employs 21st century technology to treat unwanted hair on any part of the body and has been cleared for safety and effectivity. With the ProWave, you won’t have to use numbing creams or experience aggravating downtime.
RSVP Med Spa uses MeDioStar treatment for darker skin, which is often difficult to treat for hair removal. The MeDioStar penetrates deeper and is able to reach hair follicles that other treatments are not able to treat. Although MeDioStar is more powerful, it remains one of the most gentle and low-risk treatment options for patients. RSVP Med Spa owns the only MeDioStar equipment in the Tri-state area!
RSVP Med Spa recommends asking yourself 3 important questions before deciding on any type of aesthetic treatment:
- Have you chosen the best possible provider? If you’ve chosen RSVP Med Spa, you can answer a resounding ‘Yes!’ to that question. You’ll be safe in the hands of experts with the right treatment option for your condition.
- Have you arranged for an initial consultation to reconfirm your decision to have treatment? If not, what’s stopping you? Call RSVP Med Spa today at 913-387-1104 to schedule your consultation now!
- Are you prepared for any downtime or aftermath your treatment may present? Be sure to ask about the results you can expect when you come in for laser hair removal in the Overland Park clinic.
RSVP Med Spa is dedicated to providing high quality treatments for a variety of skin conditions. As Kansas City’s premier med spa, you’ll love the options available to you at the centrally-located clinic, including state of the art tattoo removal, Botox treatment, IPL, skin tightening, permanent make-up, micro-needling, PRP hair restoration, and much more. We feel certain you’ll be very satisfied with the level of service you receive at RSVP Med Spa.
Laser Hair Removal Overland Park
RSVP Med Spa
13300 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66213

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