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RSVP Med Spa is the premier facility of aesthetics using lasers in KC. If you’re looking around for a medical spa that offers all of the popular options under the professional guidance of experts, we invite you to take a closer look at RSVP Med Spa. Laser treatment can improve your skin’s vitality and create perfection. 
Laser Hair Reduction is one of the most popular treatment options at RSVP Med Spa and is safe, fast and comfortable. Today’s laser treatments are able to work on all skin types, not just certain types like in the past. If you’re still shaving or waxing to deal with unwanted hair, feel free to see how laser hair treatment can free up more of your time and save you money over out-dated methods that keep you returning for treatment time after time. Clients find that hair reduction treatment with lasers in the KC facility is one of the most cost-effective ways to remove hair once and for all.
Clients come to RSVP Med Spa for Laser Resurfacing treatments, often referred to as the Madonna Eye Lift. The SmartXide DOT system used by RSVP Med Spa combines traditional and fractional resurfacing that is able to be tailored to the requirements of each patient, helping them better achieve their personal goals. Innovative new laser DOT therapy uses microscopic dots to renew and rejuvenate the skin, targeting wrinkles, scars and lost skin firmness to improve the appearance of the skin in a very effective way.
RSVP Med Spa is home to some of the latest and greatest lasers on the market in the KC area, including the Laser Genesis, a non-invasive technology that safely, naturally and effectively treats fine-line wrinkles, redness and scars that can cause the skin to appear less than beautiful. Each treatment with the Laser Genesis will give way to effective and visible results. For clients dealing with Rosacea, the Laser Genesis can deliver clearer, more balanced skin color; as well, it can help to:
- Fade acne scarring
- Safely and gently address redness issues
- Stimulate new collagen growth
- Reduce fine line wrinkles
- Promote a healthy, more beautiful look
Patients who are looking for an effective, affordable way to remove tattoos rely on RSVP Med Spa for treatment from their DeScribe lasers in the KC clinic. For tattoo removal, the DeScribe is the most innovative and technologically-advanced solution available today for painless, faster and more complete removal of pigments from under the skin. If you’re having second thoughts about your tattoo or have found that its appearance is hindering you from achieving your goals in life, consider tattoo removal from RSVP Med Spa.
For more information on treatment from lasers in the KC area, call RSVP Med Spa at 913-387-1104 or send your inquiry by email to [email protected] You’ll also find the website to be a valuable source of information when comparing services and costs. Evening appointments at RSVP Med Spa are available upon request.
Lasers Kc
RSVP Med Spa
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