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Submental Fat Reduction

Submental fat, also known as the double chin is an aesthetic problem that has been around since forever. This condition is a noticeable fat deposit in the submental/neck region. It doesn’t make you look the best version of you; instead, it makes you look less attractive. Aside from the fact that it reduces your beauty,… Continue reading Submental Fat Reduction

Why You Need A Medical Barrier Cream

Needless to say, toxins (which can simply be called poisons when consumed or taken in) are extremely harmful to your skin. With rising levels of pollution and industrialization, there’s no stopping the toxins entering our atmosphere every day. To protect yourself, you need advanced skin protection barriers to keep the toxins from seeping into your… Continue reading Why You Need A Medical Barrier Cream

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Secret RF, Hydrafacial, IPL or What? Skin Rejuvenation Options Out There 

Your skin is your first appearance,  so it’s only appropriate that you do all you can to make it glow always. Changes in the skin, especially the face is inevitable. Fortunately, there are several modern skin rejuvenation options out there that can help fight age-related changes including wrinkles, fine lines and dermatological conditions including blemishes,… Continue reading Secret RF, Hydrafacial, IPL or What? Skin Rejuvenation Options Out There 

Facial Resurfacing

Sorry to my face for all I’ve put it through (but I’d do it again…): After a Jennifer Aniston-style no scalpel facelift, one woman’s diary of her transformationI would like to begin with an apology – first to my teenage son for scaring the living daylights out of him, secondly to my sister who was… Continue reading Facial Resurfacing