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Our complimentary consultation is the first step to achieving your goals.  We provide all our clients with a one-hour session with a skincare professional and a photo analysis with the Visia. Below is what to expect at your first visit with RSVP Med Spa’s Skin Specialist.

During your one-on-one consultation, a Visia Skincare Analysis will be taken. The Visia takes images of your skin and allows us to see “underneath” your skin. It then analyzes eight aspects of your skin and provides actual scores that will be reviewed with you. Once we have reviewed your results, we then can discuss your concerns and come up with a customized skincare and treatment plan that is suitable for your needs and budget. Not only will you leave with the images from the Visia, but you will also leave with an introduction packet that includes everything that was discussed in your consultation. Best of all, the consultation and Visia are completely FREE!

The newest system on the market, the Visia Analysis is a free service we provide during all of our consultations


This system allows us to record standard, cross-polarized and UV photography and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions. 

It also allows us to zoom in and magnify image areas for closer examination.


Once done, the reports from the Visia are customized for each patient in an easy to read formation which includes recommendations for skincare.


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