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Are you looking for the results of a facelift without the aching recovery? Novalift is a minimally invasive threading solution that will bring life back to your face by lifting the skin and providing facial rejuvenation.

What is Thread Lifting?

Thread lifting is a less invasive form of a facelift. Threads are inserted into the face, lifting your skin into the desired areas. Threading lifts drooping skin and smooths the appearance of your skin. Thread-lifting procedures are performed outpatient with minimal recovery time.

What is Novathread?

Novathreads are a form of thread lifting that uses absorbable polydioxanone threads. PDO threads are absorbed by the body within four to six months, leaving no scar tissue behind. The body creates collagen around the thread, and the thread lift holds for another 12 to 15 months following the dissolving process. Novathread is an FDA-approved thread that comes in different varieties based on your needs. Novathread comes in barbed, straight, and curved smooth surfaces. Barbed threads are traditionally used at the hairline to lift the cheeks and jowls. Smooth threads are used near the mouth and brows.


First, you will consult with your Dr. Selena Fu or our expert aesthetic nurses to discuss your concerns, needs, and desires. Once you are in your procedure appointment, local anesthesia is injected into the skin. After this, a small needle introduces the threads into the skin. They can be placed under the skin, muscle, or subcutaneous fat. The number of threads used depends on the area of concern, the patient’s age, and the skin’s condition. The needle is removed after the threads are in place, and the threads stay under your skin. Patients typically go into the procedure with the goal of a facelift or the pursuit of facial rejuvenation.


This 45-minute procedure is an excellent substitute for the traditional facelift. Being less invasive, you may return to your daily activities as usual. You may experience some mild bruising and swelling at the injection site. Since the procedure is done under local anesthesia, you can consult with the doctor during your procedure to assess the degree of lift you are satisfied with. You may need repeat procedures to maintain your desired results after the threads have dissolved and the results have faded.

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