Kybella in Kansas City & Overland Park

Kybella in Kansas City & Overland Park



Are you tired of carrying unwanted chin fat and all its burdens? Double chins cause unneeded insecurity by aging you and causing you to appear heavier than you are. There is a FDA approved medication called Kybella that can take away the troubles of your double chin. With Kybella, you can boost your confidence by reducing the fat in your chin without surgery or downtime.

What is a Double Chin?

A double chin is caused by excess fat that accumulates between the chin and the neck and mimics the appearance of another chin. A double chin can be caused by weight gain, genetics, and aging. A double chin makes you look older and heavier than you are.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injection lipolysis procedure, which means that it is a procedure that breaks down fat through the process of deoxycholic acid injection. The body naturally produces deoxycholic acid in our digestive system. Deoxycholic acid breaks down fats within the body. This procedure is a less invasive and more natural nonsurgical option to remove fat. Kybella is traditionally injected into the chin to kill fat cells and reduce the appearance of a double chin. This leaves you with a slim, sculpted neck profile.

Who is a Candidate for Kybella?

Men and women concerned with the appearance of their double chin can benefit from Kybella injections. You may be an ideal candidate if you feel your double chin ages you, want to avoid surgery, have good skin elasticity, and have minimal health issues.


Kybella injections typically take up to 20 minutes. Injections are placed one centimeter apart in up to 50 different injection sites. You can get up to six Kybella injections spaced four to six weeks apart for maximum results. Most individuals only receive two treatments to reach their desired results.


After receiving Kybella, you may experience bruising, swelling, inflammation, redness, pain, and mild numbness. Side effects should fade within a few days. You can continue your regular activities after the procedure. Your doctor may also recommend a neck compression garment to minimize swelling after the procedure.

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