international_womens_day_rsvpmedspaSaturday, March 8, 2014, is International Women’s Day!
It’s a day women all over the globe are celebrated and appreciated, more so in Europe and Eastern Europe where it started. It’s so important to women in Russia, for example, that they get more flowers on this day than they do on their birthdays, typically.
It’s a great reminder that women need to be celebrated.
And there’s no greater way to be celebrated than taking time out for yourself – asking your family, your husband, children, or employer, for a little time to be pampered and appreciated. Women do so much for so many on a daily basis, they forget to take time for themselves – they are so busy taking care of others.
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What do you need to do for yourself? How can you be pampered today?international-womens-day_rsvpmedspa