Non-Invasive and non-surgical body shaping treatments are an exciting frontier in the aesthetic industry. They work by using radio frequency that produces the right amount of heat to stimulate the production of collagen and thus stimulates skin tightening.
Though treatments based on radio frequency have been in use in various fields of medicine, there are still some common myths about the procedure. Read on to find out some clear facts about the skin tightening treatment and how to receive the best results.
Myth 1: A protein-based diet will help aggravate the results of the treatment
Non-invasive skin tightening procedures show gradual results as the treatment progresses. There is no connection between the food consumed and the results of the treatment. Experts recommend a waiting period of about 4-5 treatments for visible results.
Myth 2: Radio frequency skin tightening does not work on darker skin
Not true. Radio frequency treatments produce the same kind of results on all types of skin tones and are always 100% safe. Radio frequency has no effect on melasma and does not assist in improving the skin tone.
Myth 3: Treatments can be done from any center as it is the machine that performs the task
In order to achieve the optimal results, it is important for individuals to choose an experienced and well-trained practitioner. Specialists in the field will be able to best customize the course of treatment for the desired outcome.
Myth 4: The aftermath of the skin tightening treatment may be intense
The treatment takes about 30-40 minutes and may be followed by a 1-2 hours of mild swelling or redness. Apart from this, there are no adverse signs of the treatment in the patient.