The Future of Body Sculpting

Looking to burn fat and build muscle, all while perfecting the look of your butt and toning your body overall? This next-generation device checks all of the boxes by delivering cutting-edge High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology that induces powerful muscle contractions. The result: rapid body shaping, muscle strengthening and redefinition, and a toner physique overall.

    95.4% of patients were satisfied with treatment results when used for noninvasive butt augmentation.

    The Ultimate Body-Shaper

    A New Category of Technology

    Revolutionary Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology provides the ability to simultaneously affect both muscle and fat.

    Alternate Advantage

    It’s the only noninvasive alternative for patients who are not ideal candidates for existing procedures. No matter your concern or body type, EMSCULPT can provide a solution.

    Redefining the Body

    It offers a whole new approach to the sought-after “butt-lift.” In early studies, treatments resulted in unique lifting and tightening effect.

    Clinical Evidence; Proven Results

    While this FDA-cleared technology is new, there seven multicenter clinical studies about to be released for the treatment, all of which show exciting results. For starters, one study shows evidence that the protocol not only reduces fat but also increases muscle mass and lessens muscle diastasis. Another study shows a reduction in average waist circumference, while a third study shows promising outcomes when used for noninvasive butt augmentation.

    • Good for: Anyone looking for tissue redefinition, muscle definition, and a “butt lift.”
    • Lasts: Results are long-lasting.
    • Feels like: Comfortable.