Eyebrow MicroBlading in Kansas City & Overland Park

Eyebrow Microblading



Having great shaped brows is one of the most important attributes of a person’s face.  Eyebrows not only frame your eyes, but they also enhance your expressions.  Brows that are too light, too thin, sparse, or non-existent, can now be beautifully enhanced with microblading.

Before the Procedure:

For any permanent makeup treatment, a FREE consultation is required.  During your consultation visit, you and the Microblading Artist (Michelle Vernon) will discuss your overall goals, different color options, and the shape you would like to achieve.  Coming to the appointment with your brows filled in the way you like will help the artist to understand your preference with your brows.  After the consultation visit, you will schedule your microblading treatment.


Eyebrow MicroBlading


The Procedure:

Microblading is performed with a grouping or configuration of needles affixed to a handle to manually create lines that resemble eyebrow hairs.  The result is a natural, realistic look.  Immediately after the treatment, the eyebrows will be approximately 20-25% darker and bolder in width than they will be when healed.  Your skin will be red under the pigment which causes the color of the pigment to appear darker.  There is some swelling, although difficult to see due to the thickness of the skin in the eyebrow area.  This will subside and is all part of the process.  In addition, a touch-up treatment will be needed to obtain the desired result.


After the Procedure:

After the pigment is implanted, the body needs to do its job and repair itself.  Tiny flakes of excess pigment will form on top of the skin and underneath the skin will retain pigment.  When the crusts come away, the area may look very light and you may wonder where the pigment is.  It takes 6 weeks for the cells to regenerate.  Then the pigment will return to the surface of the skin and look more definite. Some residual swelling is normal for all procedures.  Some clients may have no swelling some may have a lot.  This is individualized.  Dry skin, itching, and tenderness are common after the procedure.  These symptoms will dissipate each day and vary on an individual basis.  The color will fade and soften.  The touch up will enhance any area that has faded too much and healing is specific to each client.  You will receive 1 free follow up to make sure the application is the best.  It is important to realize that you will need a color boost every 1-3 years to maintain its fresh natural appearance.  If you are out on the sun often, use anti-aging creams, retinol products, Proactive acne products, heavy oil moisturizers, natural elements, regular chemical peels (Glycolic, etc..), or exercise frequently, you will probably need a color boost every 6 months to 1 year.  The better you take care of the treated area, the longer it will last.

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