Quality_MONOWhat is “quality?” A definition might be “a degree of excellence” or “superiority in kind.” Quality brings to mind things like the flawless Hope Diamond, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Steinway pianos or a Rolls-Royce Phantom. When you think about any of those examples you immediately think “quality.” Why? Because when they were created, they were created with a standard of excellence that never deviates. We’ve come to rely on that standard. And we pay for it.
Med spas are cropping up everywhere these days. They are becoming more common as day spas have become. Since 2011, there is an estimated 50% growth in the number of medical spa startups. Nonsurgical procedures like Botox and fillers have increased by 356% since 1997! So with the number rising every day, it becomes quantity over quality. The standard of excellence remains with the direction of the staffing. How do you know? Do your homework first. Get to know the mission of the med spa and the staffing and what credentials they hold.
At RSVP Med Spa, their mission is the standard:
“RSVP Med Spa was built upon the concept of providing superior aesthetic and laser services. Our clients will receive a complimentary consultation to ensure the services are the safest, most effective, and best results possible. We have replaced the “one solution fits all” approach that is standard practice within this industry, with a tailor-made offering that delivers treatments that are appropriate to both your initial assessment and your response as you move through the treatment process.  Our commitment to the conscientious and complete care of your individual needs differentiates both our services and your results. We deliver effective, customized treatment with the highest quality of care using the most cutting-edge technology in a safe and relaxing environment.” 
Here’s what their clients say:  RSVPreviews


What’s your definition of “quality” for a med spa?