Scooty and MRAt RSVP MedSpa, one of the things we do best is help people feel better about their skin. One client, in particular, has been coming to us for over a year to get rid of a scar. Here’s Maddy’s story. Maybe you will relate or know someone who will.
“I was born with a cyst on my left shoulder. As I grew older, it grew bigger. Finally, my parents decided to try and have it removed because it was bothering me and my daily activity. So, our family physician removed it. However, in its place, a huge keloid scar formed.
I was in my 6th grade year so having an ugly scar was not, shall we say, in my social plan – it was right on top of my shoulder so anything I wore like spaghetti straps would reveal it. My parents decided to take me to a plastic surgeon to have the scar removed but it only made things worse. In fact, it became larger and before I knew it, the scar had taken over my shoulder. 
For years since, I have had a high level of self-consciousness whenever my shoulder became exposed. But since discovering RSVP MedSpa’s Dot Treatment, my scar has shrunk to at least a quarter of its original size. The redness and irritation has all but vanished, and my self confidence has boosted significantly. 
I am so grateful to RSVP MedSpa for giving me a chance to feel like the beautiful, strong and confident young woman I know I am meant to be. And now that I’m free from the burden of self-consciousness, I feel ready to take charge of my life and experience it to its maximum capacity.”