Tattoos Aren't Permanent Anymore

Tattoos Aren’t Permanent Anymore

The Patient’s Guide® reports that laser tattoo removal procedures have climbed 32% from 2011 to 2012. The survey cited that “Employment Reasons” is the number one factor for choosing to remove a tatoo. Today there is an increasing demand for the removal of tattoos. On average, one person out of two wants to remove their tattoos after about ten years. Inevitable changes in fashion and styles or simply growing out of a tatoo are some of the reasons. Some want to lighten or remove their tattoo to make space for a new and improved tattoo.
RSVP MedSpa is the National Training Center for TattooStar—Tattoos, Pigmented Lesions, Permanent Makeup Removal.
TattooStar is extremely effective for:
Removing tattoos
Pigmented lesions
Permanent makeup
Here’s how it works:
In selective removal, the beam penetrates the skin to reach the ink particles

anchored inside.
The pigments absorb the light energy and are obliterated.
Once destroyed, they are absorbed by the lymph system and eliminated.
Treatment using the TattooStar is quick, nearly painless, bloodless and highly effective, without causing injury or leaving scars. TattooStar removes all colors and requires fewer treatments compared to most competitors.
The removal of tattoos and pigmented skin lesions by laser therapy is a practice-proven treatment method. The success of the treatment is due to the precise application of the laser beam without harming the surrounding skin.
So, how do you feel about your tattoos? Are there any you really wish you could get rid of if you could? If you would like more information about tattoo removal, contact us at RSVP MedSpa.