The "Vampire Facelift" That Keeps Anna Friel Forever Young

The “Vampire Facelift” That Keeps Anna Friel Forever Young

Anna Friel has revealed how ‘vampire facelifts’ help to keep her looking young.
The 36-year-old actress said she regularly has the £600 treatment which involves taking blood from her arm and reinjecting it into areas affected by wrinkles.
It is said to boost the development of new blood cells and collagen.

Vein effort: Anna Friel has blood from her arms injected into her wrinkles to help boost collagen development

Miss Friel has the procedure at the London clinic of French ‘doctor to the stars’ Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh.
She said: ‘I go to Dr Sebagh’s and have a thing called the vampire facelift. It’s like they take your blood and they mix it up and separate it, it’s really scientific and natural but it makes a difference.’
Miss Friel, who is in rehearsal for Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya opening at London’s Vaudeville Theatre next month, said she couldn’t do what she called ‘the freeze’ – Botox injections – because ‘as an actress my face has to move’.
But she added: ‘I am not ashamed to say the things that I do do.’
She admitted she also has £185 two-hour ‘red carpet facials’ and regularly spends another £490 on a cryoderm treatment to keep her skin looking flawless.

Dannii Minogue is also a visitor of the Knightsbridge salon of beautician Rani Mirza

For these she visits the Knightsbridge salon of beautician Rani Mirza who has also treated Madonna, Kate Moss and, more recently, Dannii Minogue.
Mrs Mirza said the cryoderm treatment uses a machine shaped like a hairdryer.
She explained: ‘It is run gently over the skin in a massaging motion using a high frequency electric field which heats the skin, stimulating the production of collagen improving muscle and skin tone.
‘The machine temperature is then brought right down and becomes a coolant.
‘The same massage process is applied, cooling the skin which increases the neuro transmitter in the nerve fibres which speeds up the enzymatic cellular processes.
‘The red carpet facial is basically a cleansing and exfoliating treatment which also includes oxygen therapy.
‘It reduces fine lines and wrinkles.’
As well as her expensive treatments, Miss Friel – who has a seven-year-old daughter by actor David Thewlis and is currently dating Rhys Ifans – also relies on simple home remedies.
She said: ‘I keep a pair of spoons in my freezer. You put these big cold spoons on your eyes and it gets rid of puffiness.
‘Also I fill a sink with blocks of ice and water and for two minutes I splash cold water on my face continuously.’
She added: ‘You can’t stop what’s coming. We are all getting older.
‘But there are so many natural treatments and we know more than ever the positive effects of a healthy diet and can embrace these things to keep us looking the best we are able to be at any time.’

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By Chloe Thomas