Based on an article called A Gentler Turning Back of the Clock that came out in the Wall Street Journal this month after the Oscar’s and Golden Globes’ red carpets, one thing has become apparent in what women now desire in the outcome of their facial treatments and/or procedures.
Gone are the days that the everyday woman is longing for drastic procedures- similar to ones that celebrities receive- where she walks out looking blatantly plastic. A sentence that New York plastic surgeon Dr. Haideh Hirmand often hears from her clients is, “I want to look like myself and I’m afraid of looking different.” Good Great news is that this new wave of anti-aging treatments is all about achieving a more natural look, and less invasively.
stay-indoors-get-hydrofacial-rsvpThese noninvasive procedures use ultrasound, radio-frequency waves or micro-currents with lasers and energy treatments in order to firm the skin. What these do is use heat to trick the dermis, the deeper layer of skin, into thinking it has been injured, so as a result, it pumps out more of the body’s natural collagen to compensate for this “injury”. Women are overwhelmingly pleased with the benefit of having little to no downtime after these procedures, making it easier for the busy, working woman to squeeze this into her schedule without the thought of any unpleasant recovery time.
Naomi Watts and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s facialist, Joanna Vargas, used a noninvasive, radio-frequency machine for pre-award season treatments on the women.

“You don’t want to walk into a room and have people wonder what you’ve done to your face,” said Ms. Vargas. “You want people to think you’re getting sleep or you’re glowing or happy.”

Kate_Walsh_Wallpaper-001Aesthetician Kate Somerville dished that her client, 47-year-old actress Kate Walsh, is proof of the strategy behind natural enhancements. She shares that Kate “has not had one injectable, but she’s been diligent about keeping up her lasers and skin care and she is flawless for her age.” We couldn’t agree more!
Industry specialists share that it is best to start while in your 30s or 40s for maximum effectiveness, however treatments can also help women above that age as well. Women are seeing anti-aging as a daily routine now and more are adopting the long-term strategies to avoid the need for anything drastic later on.

“The idea is to look like your best self but still yourself.” –Lauren Remington, [Founder of beauty on-demand app Vênsette]