An extreme tattoo can be totally badass. Unless you spell it “exreme.” Then it’s just hilarious. We’ve compiled some of the funniest tattoo misspellings we could find. Either these folks had no access to spell check or are simply oblivious to the mistake. Regardless, they cracked us up.
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Asian character tattoos on English-speaking people are nothing new, with phrases like “hope,” “dream” and “love” adorning many an ankle or lower back. Unfortunately, not all of those tattoos mean what the unsuspecting person might have thought.
Our pal Tian Tang over at Hanzi Smatter has been chronicling the “misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture” for quite some time, and trust us: he’s translated some doozies.
From a badass “Outlaw” tattoo that ended up translating to the less-than-threatening, “Hiding Criminal,” to the simple-yet-hilarious “Foreigner” tat, these 19 Asian tattoo FAILS are truly LOL-worthy. Browse our favorite Tian Tang translations below and check out his website for more.
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