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What People Are Saying About RSVP Med Spa

Our client’s are the absolute best! We love hearing all of the positive feedback, so much that we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves! Here are some recent testimonials from our happy customers: “I have had a series of 4 IPL treatments for sun damage on my neck and for a large brown spot on my face. Faith was great… Continue reading What People Are Saying About RSVP Med Spa

Shynel Tanning Testimonial

I just received my first Spray Tan from RSVP MedSpa and Im hooked! Already set up my 2nd appointment. I was very cautious about trying this, bc in the past, Spray tanning was never for me. I hated the smell, the orange color, not knowing exactly how to stand in a machine to get even… Continue reading Shynel Tanning Testimonial

Scar Today, Gone Tomorrow

At RSVP MedSpa, one of the things we do best is help people feel better about their skin. One client, in particular, has been coming to us for over a year to get rid of a scar. Here’s Maddy’s story. Maybe you will relate or know someone who will.“I was born with a cyst on my left… Continue reading Scar Today, Gone Tomorrow

Here’s to Smooth Skin

I was in a sales meeting the other day with a gentleman I’ve known for the past couple of years, and we were talking about insurance and investments.  He came right out and asked me how old I was and begrudgingly, I told him “the truth,” something I rarely do. He responded saying, “You don’t look anywhere close… Continue reading Here’s to Smooth Skin