I just received my first Spray Tan from RSVP MedSpa and Im hooked! Already set up my 2nd appointment. I was very cautious about trying this, bc in the past, Spray tanning was never for me. I hated the smell, the orange color, not knowing exactly how to stand in a machine to get even coloring, and it always seemed to wash off my shoulders within 1 shower.
I heard nothing but great things about the spray tanning RSVP offered, so I gave it a try. I was so impressed with the overall experience and color. This is NOT a machine, its personally done by one of their spray tanning specialist. This way, you have no lines, and a very even color all over. I, however wore a swim suit, so had lines from that…but they are very open and professional if you choose to wear nothing.
When they spray the tan on, warm air also blows out of the hand device, making it a nice experience, bc then its not a cold spray tan. The warm air also helps dry you immediately, so you dont have to worry about having to stand and dry before you put your clothes on. My favorite thing is the COLOR of the tan! Its made to personally match the color you need, and you can choose how tan you want to be. Theres is NO orange color, it looks just like a natural tan! Any skin color and type, can do this spray tan!
They can also apply an accelerator (which I highly recommend). With this, you are able to take a shower 2 hrs after getting the spray tan..rather than 4-6 or longer.
Oh and did I mention you can add a fragrance? They offer several different scents that you can choose from, or you can go without it…whatever you want for yourself! Like I said…the entire experience is completely personalized for what “you” want!
I have already recommended RSVP to several people for their Spray Tan needs, and will continue my services with them!