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Facial Resurfacing

Sorry to my face for all I’ve put it through (but I’d do it again…): After a Jennifer Aniston-style no scalpel facelift, one woman’s diary of her transformationI would like to begin with an apology – first to my teenage son for scaring the living daylights out of him, secondly to my sister who was… Continue reading Facial Resurfacing


RSVP Med Spa was recently featured on FINDitKC’s YouTube page.[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BwaqZYrhME [/embedyt]

“Save the Tatas” is Back!

“Save the Tatas” is Back!

Fall will be arriving in a few months and we here at RSVP are getting excited to usher it in! (We like the cooler months for our skin anyway!)If you were a part of our event, a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen breast cancer awareness – “Save the Tatas Tailgate Party” last year, you will… Continue reading “Save the Tatas” is Back!

5th Annual “Save the Tatas”

5th Annual “Save the Tatas”

Welcome to the Non-Invasive, Natural Look Movement!

Based on an article called A Gentler Turning Back of the Clock that came out in the Wall Street Journal this month after the Oscar’s and Golden Globes’ red carpets, one thing has become apparent in what women now desire in the outcome of their facial treatments and/or procedures.Gone are the days that the everyday woman is… Continue reading Welcome to the Non-Invasive, Natural Look Movement!

Save the Tatas – Susan G. Komen

Last month RSVP Med Spa had the honor of hosting our First Annual Save the Tatas Tailgate party supporting Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City.   The event was held on October the 9th and the parking lot of RSVP was transformed into a beautiful outdoor reception area. Hundreds of men and women came out to support… Continue reading Save the Tatas – Susan G. Komen

Here’s to Smooth Skin

I was in a sales meeting the other day with a gentleman I’ve known for the past couple of years, and we were talking about insurance and investments.  He came right out and asked me how old I was and begrudgingly, I told him “the truth,” something I rarely do. He responded saying, “You don’t look anywhere close… Continue reading Here’s to Smooth Skin


Vampire Facelift on ABC

The “Vampire Facelift” That Keeps Anna Friel Forever Young

Anna Friel has revealed how ‘vampire facelifts’ help to keep her looking young.The 36-year-old actress said she regularly has the £600 treatment which involves taking blood from her arm and reinjecting it into areas affected by wrinkles.It is said to boost the development of new blood cells and collagen. Vein effort: Anna Friel has blood… Continue reading The “Vampire Facelift” That Keeps Anna Friel Forever Young