Your skin suffers during the winter months from the harsh, freezing winds, cranking up the heat at home, using hot water, etc. One way you can take care of your skin is by receiving a microdermabrasion.
Microdermabrasion is an anti-aging treatment that involves a handheld instrument that removes the outer layer of skin in a minimally abrasive manner. This treatment exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin, leaving you with a softer and brighter look.
Why should you come to RSVP Med Spa to get your microdermabrasion?
Here at RSVP Med Spa, we use the cutting-edge HydraFacial system with “wetderm” microdermabrasion. The exceptional effectiveness of HydraFacial is due to its use of specially formulated serums in combination with a vacuum-based skin abrasion tip. This unique form of microdermabrasion uses a crystal free tip along with serums to improve the texture, pore size, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles; leaving your face soft, smooth, and supple. It removes dead skin cell and impurities while bathing the healthy underlying skin with deep cleansing, extracting, exfoliation and antioxidant serums.
The proprietary serums are clinically formulated to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, congested pores, hyper-pigmentation and acne-prone skin. The disposable tips have a multifaceted spiral construction that increases the time the serums are in contact with the skin. The result is a cool, comfortable process that leaves the skin radiantly clean, refined, moist and polished. HydraFacial is appropriate for most skin types including thin or aging skin, ethnic skin and oily skin.
Do yourself a favor, schedule your microdermabrasion today!