drruiz-fixDr. Ruiz, RSVP MedSpa’s Medical Director, was recently featured in the Kansas City Star’s Men’s and Health section on how low testosterone impacts the quality of life for men. The article focused on one of Dr. Ruiz’s patients, John Anderson (39), who had been experiencing fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and no results for rigorous training at the gym several times a week and had approached Dr. Ruiz, his family physician, for help.
At first, when Dr. Ruiz told John it might be low testosterone, he didn’t believe him. But a blood test soon revealed that he was on the low end of the normal range. Dr. Ruiz stated in the article that John’s symptoms were typical of a man his age and with low testosterone. “They have general malaise and fatigue,” he said. “It typically happens to 38- to 45-year-olds. They just don’t have any energy.” Symptoms can include:  night sweats, anxiety, irritability, reduced sexual drive and performance, lack of results from exercise and difficulty recovering from exercise. Dr. Ruiz said, “It’s amazing how many men with symptoms of anxiety are misdiagnosed as having depression when it actually can be connected to low testosterone.” He said they also find that they have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight which can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart issues. So the ongoing lack of testosterone leads to a poorer health as men age which leads to diseases along the way.
John was put on a natural testosterone in pellet form, a slow release method which goes directly into the bloodstream and is placed under the skin every 6 months. Dr. Ruiz said he reviews all the options for treatment with his patients including injections, pellets, pills, gels, and creams. John soon noticed an improvement in his sleep after receiving treatment. “Then my workouts and workout results began to improve. I had less recovery time after my workouts and my libido level went up. I didn’t realize how impacted I had been until I began to return to normal.” John is a proponent for men to see their doctor about these symptoms and realize it’s a natural part of getting older.
Dr. Ruiz said, “Treatment for low testosterone can result in increased energy, which motivates men to get back in the gym and work out. Men tend to begin eating properly and get back in shape.” Do you know someone who has these symptoms? If you are a man, have you experienced these symptoms? Dr. Ruiz is available for consultation through RSVP MedSpa.