Submental Fat Reduction

Submental Fat Reduction

Submental Fat Reduction

Submental fat, also known as the double chin is an aesthetic problem that has been around since forever. This condition is a noticeable fat deposit in the submental/neck region. It doesn’t make you look the best version of you; instead, it makes you look less attractive. Aside from the fact that it reduces your beauty, it can also be of health concern. 

Submental fat or double chin could have underlying causes, including hormones, diet, genetics, posture. It affects both young and old, men and women equally. Although there is fat distribution in all parts of the body, the submental fat is usually more obvious and is of great aesthetic concern. 

A surgical procedure is a major treatment that was used to reduce submental fat in the past. It, however, became a great concern because it is an invasive procedure. Liposuction/fat excision or complete neck reconstruction are surgical procedures used in submental fat reduction, but these procedures are associated with the risk of bleeding, infection, scarring, bruising, and anesthesia. The poor outcome, discomfort, and long downtime are also associated with surgery. Now, surgical solutions are generally deemed as demanding, not totally safe, and highly invasive. 

All of these concerns rose a demand for non-surgical submental fat reduction treatments that are non-invasive or associated with risk. The good news is that we do not have to bother about a safe submental fat reduction procedure anymore as KYBELLA has proven to be an easy, gentle, and effective submental fat treatment. 

KYBELLA Submental Fat Treatment

KYBELLA as a treatment to submental fat reduces the size of fatty tissue deposited under the chin. It is an adipolytic medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which is effective for reducing unwanted fat deposition in the submental region.

KYBELLA is injected into the fatty tissue deposit at the neck region to cause focal adipolysis. After injection, the adipocyte in this region can no longer accumulate fat, which results in an improvement in the size and appearance of the submental area through the reduction of localized fat deposit and skin tightening.

  • How submental fat reduction procedure is performed 

The procedure for treating submental fat has now been made pretty easy and noninvasive. KYBELLA is injected into the submental area by a specialist. This you can easily get done at RSVP Med Spa. The procedure is an in-office procedure that can be carried out in very few minutes.

Your doctor uses a hypodermic needle to deliver KYBELLA to your chin area to breakdown and shrink the pocket of fat in your submental region.

  • Why you may not be an ideal candidate for submental fat reduction

Submental fat reduction is a good procedure that can improve your appearance and make you look better quickly, but you need to be sure if you are an ideal candidate in order to avoid complications after the procedure. 

If you currently have dysphagia (swallowing difficulty) or you have a history of this condition, you are not an ideal candidate to take the KYBELLA treatment. You are also not ideal for this treatment if your submental fat or fullness is caused by conditions other than excess subcutaneous fat deposit at the chin. You may be ruled out if your submental fat is as a result of cervical lymphadenopathy or thyromegaly. If you have an infection in your neck or chin area, you are not ideal for KYBELLA treatment.

  • Things to inform your doctor about before taking submental fat treatment 

Usually, when looking to take a major procedure like submental fat reduction, it is important that you feed your doctor with important information about your health history and the medications and treatment plans that you have used to treat this condition.

For your submental fat reduction, be ready to tell your doctor if you’ve had surgery on your face, chin or neck or if you intend to. If you have a medical condition in your neck area or have difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia) or a bleeding problem, you also can’t take this treatment. 

Discuss the medicines you have used in the past with your doctor. Some drugs like anticoagulant or antiplatelet medicines may interact with your treatment, so, ensure that you inform your doctor.

  • Side effects of KYBELLA 

The common side effects of KYBELLA are edema or swelling, hematoma, numbness, erythema, and bruising. These side effects are just mild side effects that may occur as a result of the reaction to the injection of KYBELLA. A rare side effect that may occur is the marginal mandibular nerve paresis, which is a temporary condition that would normally resolve within weeks or months.


Cryolipolysis is another non-invasive submental fat treatment that can be used to reduce the size and appearance of fat deposits in the chin area. This procedure uses special cooling technology to cause selective destruction to fat cells by freezing them. Cryolipolysis is a controlled cold exposure that gradually reduces the amount of the subcutaneous fat layer through natural thermal diffusion without causing damage to other tissues. 

After the fat cells have been destroyed in the submental region, your body then clears them away. Just in a matter of time, you begin to see the fat pockets at the chin and neck disappear. 

RF-assisted contouring

This is a non-invasive submental fat treatment that helps to improve your appearance by reducing the size of fat deposited in your submental region. This technology delivers heat to adipose tissue for fat reduction and body sculpting. 

RF-assisted contouring does not have a significant side effect, but the common adverse effect that normally happens after the procedure are edema, erythema, vesicles formation. All these adverse effects are actually self-resolving.

Where to get your submental fat reduction 

Submental fat is of great concern to your beauty, so you should do your possible best to get your submental fat reduced. You can get your submental fat reduction at RSVP Med Spa. RSVP Med Spa offers KYBELLA treatment for your submental fat. We can provide a solution to whatever problems you have with your appearance. Making you look your best is our priority. Contact us at or call 913-933-0068 for consultation.