How to Adjust Your Foundation According to Season

How to Adjust Your Foundation According to Season

With seasonal changes, there comes another change – your makeup. Just like we change our wardrobes from heavy, warmer clothes, we should change our foundation shade so it matches our skin year round. If you’re looking to achieve a better skin tone match for each season, then read on to learn more about foundation shade, tips, and how to create the best shade for your needs using our best products by ColoreScience.

How Does Skin Change With the Seasons?

Even healthy skin goes through many different changes throughout the year, and one of the most noticeable changes is skin tone. It’s normal to experience a darker skin tone in the summer months, where your skin might pick up some pigment and look more tanned – even if you normally wear sun protection daily. This is simply because most people spend more time outside in the spring and summer.

The opposite becomes true in the fall and winter months. Your skin tone may lighten as you spend more time indoors and experience less sunlight from day-to-day. This is a perfectly natural phenomenon and happens to people of any skin tone and foundation shade.

Another important change is the quality of your skin. During fall and winter, we tend to experience dryer, colder air quality that can require more moisturization than during the spring and summer, where skin typically requires lighter moisturizers and products to accommodate warm weather. With these factors in mind, you can begin to pick out your year-round skin and makeup regimen.

Picking Foundation for Spring and Summer

The right foundation for spring and summer should be sheer, light, and airy so your skin doesn’t feel stifled. Look for a foundation that is a slightly darker shade than your true skin tone (matched to your neck) and blend in a bronzer for an even more natural, sun-kissed look. Because many people experience sun exposure during the warm months, you may find that you need to look for a more yellow undertone to accommodate your tan. A dewy finish can help you maintain a radiant look that doesn’t cover up your naturally tanned look. Finally, look for foundations that have SPF 50 or higher to give you effective sun protection.

If you spend considerable time outside, mineral powder foundations are a great option that can give you the coverage you need but without feeling thick or heavy. Mineral foundations use natural minerals that aren’t harsh on the skin while still providing good coverage. We recommend applying them with a damp beauty sponge. Options from ColoreScience like the Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield Brush are a great, on-the-go option with unique and unmatched sun protection. It contains Face Shield Flex SPF 50 to keep your skin looking vibrant without being heavy.

Picking Foundation for Fall and Winter

Colder months in fall and winter require products that provide moisture. One great way to get a bright look during the cold months is mixing moisturizer with your favorite formula to both lighten the shade and give your skin and extra boost of moisture, preventing dry skin. This can work with any skin tone and skin type. One downside is that it can feel too thick and heavy for some people, so consider using a powder foundation over a hydrating and reliable moisturizer. And, of course, make sure to protect your skin year round with SPF 50 or higher.

If you switch to a lighter shade in the winter months, then don’t forget to also change your concealer, highlight, bronzer, and more to the right shades. And, as with year round, the right foundation shade should match your neck.

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