A lot of people are in love with their skincare routines and would do anything to shine bright like a diamond. There are numerous skincare routines that exist, but only a few can get things done. One of them is VISIA.

How does VISIA work?

The VISIA Complexion Analysis System is designed to analyze your skin, skin tone, and so on, in a bid to understand it and what routines are suitable for your skin. VISIA Complexion Analysis system makes use of multi-spectral imaging and analysis in getting the needed information of the skin. It takes up a notch by looking at the eight aspects that determine the appearance and health of the skin. Using VISIA, your beauty therapist is able to see the level of skin pigmentation that you have, as well as its pore size. VISIA is able to measure the proof of bacteria- porphyrins, wrinkles, texture, photodamage caused by the sun, and UV spots.
After it has assessed your skin thoroughly, it then compares and contrasts the features of your skin with those of others that are of similar skin type, age, and sex with you. With this analysis, it tells you what your relative skin condition is compared to others in your peer group.
With the information gathered from VISIA while the consultation was ongoing, a personal skin regime is created for you. It is important to note that the skin rejuvenation program embarked by a family member or friend may not work for you because the features of a person’s skin may differ from those of other persons. This is why it is common to see people complain bitterly about spending a lot on a routine and they can show no result for it. To save yourself this stress, it is important that the VISIA system is used.
While the treatment is ongoing based on the results of the analysis, VISIA is still used in tracking what changes occur in your skin. It finds out if your skincare program is efficacious or not. If it isn’t, it tries to find out what aspect that needs revising.

What is the duration of VISIA?

Taking the VISIA analysis pictures do not take a long time. Within a few minutes, the pictures are taken. What follows next is the assessment of the results and condition. Reviewing the results take about one hour, looking at those particular problem areas that have to be tackled.

VISIA ® Complexion Analysis: Its Uses

During a beauty consultation session, Visia ensures that the analysis of the facial features of a person is carried out, with the aim of rejuvenating the person’s skin. Since different people have varying complexions, the same skincare routine won’t work for them.
VISIA Identifies the condition of your skin, from the surface to the subsurface.
With the VISIA System, the beauty therapist can easily see a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of those specific parts of their complexion, which leads to their entire look.
It analyzes important features like wrinkles and texture, as well as finding out if the skin has faced sun damage. When your complexion health is concerned, the best of beauty therapists and centers understand that Visia is something that should be used.

VISIA allows you to create a personalized program depending on individual results.

Since VISIA gives you the precise imaging of every aspect of your complexion, a beauty therapist or skin expert can easily show you the perfect rejuvenation options that are available for you. These rejuvenation alternatives will be designed based on the special mixture of your facial features.
Having your facial vitality maintained and renewed.
Using the VISIA system allows your beauty expert to find out what your complexion profile is, thereby tailoring your facial rejuvenation program to meet your skin profile. With the Visia imaging results, optimal skin health care is made possible, as recommendations are given to people based on their skin complexion.
It doesn’t stop there, with the VISIA system, it is easy to monitor how effective your skincare routine is.
VISIA® system offers breakthroughs where complexion maintenance and renewal are concerned.
The complexion of a human being acts as the image that gets shown to the world. If it isn’t at its best, there can be a lot of issues. With the VISIA® Complexion Analysis, finding out your complexion and factors that affect it can help.
While the VISIA process is ongoing, the complimentary consultation occurs. Our clients have to spend one hour with their skincare experts, trying to analyze the photo representation gotten from VISIA.

This is what you should expect when you get to a Skin Specialist for your first VISIA process.

A specialist, before he or she bothers to give any recommendation, runs a VISIA Skincare Analysis. The analysis allows them to take pictures of your skin while looking under your skin.
It goes a long way to assess the eight parts of the skin while offering the right scores, which are shown to you. You will be there while the results are being analyzed. Immediately the results have been analyzed; we can listen to you talk about your concerns while carrying out customized treatment and skincare plans for you.
Everyone has access to his or her specific skincare treatment, which is dependent on various factors. It is usually based on the person’s budget, as well as needs. The needs are dependent on what features of skin you possess. How much you can spend on skincare also determines the type of skincare regimen you are given.
You are allowed to go home with your images from the Visia system, as well as an introduction packet. The introduction packet incorporates everything that was talked about while the consultation ongoing. Everything from the consultation, including the recommendations made from the VISIA test, is made known in the introduction packet. This allows you to know what to do and when.
Gone are those days when things had to be done using a hit and miss method, as the VISIA method is here to help.