VISIA Complexion Analysis: What Is It About?

VISIA Complexion Analysis: What Is It About?

VISIA Complexion Analysis: What Is It About?

A lot of people are in love with their skincare routines and would do anything to shine bright like a diamond. There are numerous skincare routines that exist, but only a few can get things done. Our VISIA Skin Analysis system can help you learn more about your skin and its unique needs, allowing you to make the most of your skin care.

How Does VISIA Work?

The VISIA Skin Analysis System is designed to analyze your skin surface, skin tone, skin texture, and more so you can understand it and what skin care routines are suitable for your skin. VISIA Complexion Analysis system makes use of multi-spectral imaging and analysis to assess the skin’s surface. It also looks at the eight aspects that determine the appearance and health of the skin. Using VISIA, your provider is able to see subsurface skin conditions such as brown spots, as well as its pore size. VISIA is also able to measure bacteria, wrinkles, texture, photodamage caused by the sun, and UV spots, no matter your natural skin tone.
After VISIA Skin Analysis has assessed your skin thoroughly, it then compares and contrasts the features of your skin with those of others that are of similar skin type, age, and sex. It can compare your relative skin condition to others in your peer group.
With the information gathered from VISIA Skin Analysis, a personal skin regimen is created for you. The same skincare regimen doesn’t work the same for everyone, and VISIA Skin Analysis can help you determine what will and won’t work for your skin conditions and goals. It can also track the effectiveness of any products or treatments you try.

How Long Does VISIA Skin Analysis Take?

The VISIA Skin Analysis takes only a few minutes. High-powered pictures are taken of your skin surface and background skin tone to get a complete picture of your skin and the effects of UV light. Then, complexion analysis software creates an in-depth report. What follows next is the assessment of the results and condition. Reviewing the results take about one hour, looking at particular problem areas and discussing treatment.

VISIA® Complexion Analysis: Its Uses

During a skincare consultation, VISIA ensures that your provider has a baseline for recommending specific treatments and products. With the VISIA System, your provider can easily see a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of your complexion, from the surface to the subsurface. This can make your treatment all the more effective than simply trying skincare products that don’t work. VISIA also analyzes important features like wrinkles and texture, as well as measuring sun damage. This can help you judge the health of your skin and any steps you should take to protect it from UV damage.

The Benefits of VISIA Skin Analysis

Since VISIA gives you precise imaging of every aspect of your complexion, our providers can easily show you the perfect rejuvenation options that are available for you. These options will be designed based on your skin’s unique needs.
Using the VISIA system allows your provider to find out what your complexion profile is, thereby tailoring your facial rejuvenation program to meet your exact needs and eliminating the guesswork of skincare. With the VISIA imaging results, optimal skin health care is made possible.
It doesn’t stop there – with the VISIA system, it’s easy to monitor how effective your skincare routine is.
VISIA® system offers breakthroughs where complexion maintenance and skin rejuvenation are concerned.

What to Expect From VISIA Complexion Analysis

VISIA is the first step in your skincare consultation. Your provider will use VISIA Skin Analysis to take pictures of your skin while looking under your skin. It will assess the eight parts of the skin while offering scores, which you’ll review with our providers. Then, you can discuss your treatment goals and specific recommendations given by our team.
Everyone has access to their specific skincare treatment, which is dependent on various factors. It will be personalized to your budget and needs. You’ll be given your pictures and information about your treatment plan and skincare analysis. You can check in with our team regularly for another analysis to check your progress and maintain the right direction for your skin.

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