Skin-Tone-Shootout-Vote-planet5D-the-best-DSLR-video-community-on-the-planetSkin tone – you may think it’s just something you were born with. You’re partially right. Our DNA is responsible for some of our skin tone. But there are more factors at play.
The tone of our skin is set by a lot of things other than what we were given by our heritage. According to Dermascope Magazine, “overall skin tone, clarity and transparency of the skin speaks volumes about a person’s health. When the skin is polluted, it looks dull, fatigued and much older – even on those who have hydrated skin and no wrinkles.”
Have you ever seen someone with a radiance, like a glow? Catherine Atzen, of the Atzen line of cosmetics says, “This radiance comes from light reflecting on the skin as non-polluted and healthy skin – free of excessive dead skin cells – appears to have a degree of transparency. This transparency shows the undertone of the skin and the beautiful coloring that comes with good circulation and low levels of pollutants or toxins.”
Miss Atzen lists several things you should do to keep your skin tone even:

  1. Toxicity – environmental like smoking or chemical from cleaning solutions and the fumes that are released in the air to products we put on our skin like petrochemicals.
  2. Health – sleep, eat organic foods (without pesticides and grown fresh), drink enough filtered water, and exercise regularly.
  3. Medications and medical treatments can affect the tone of the skin.
  4. Regular skin treatment regimen – a daily cleansing and treatment at home and regular visits to a spa or med spa for deeper cleansing.

How’s the tone of your skin?1004-cheek-cheat-sheet