Why You Need A Medical Barrier Cream - RSVP Med Spa

Needless to say, toxins (which can simply be called poisons when consumed or taken in) are extremely harmful to your skin. With rising levels of pollution and industrialization, there’s no stopping the toxins entering our atmosphere every day. To protect yourself, you need advanced skin protection barriers to keep the toxins from seeping into your skin.
What is a barrier cream?
A medical barrier cream, the most prominent example of which is Epionce, is designed to create a shield between your skin and the constant onslaught of harmful pollutants. It requires a topical application on the desired region and then acts as a medically designed barrier for your skin, particularly for the face. Barrier creams are also known by other names, such as pre-work creams, anti-solvent creams, water repellent creams, shielding ointments, and protective lotions, among others.
What ingredients does a barrier cream contain?
Barrier creams are known to contain talc, kaolin and/or zinc oxide as some of their major components. They may also contain glycerin, silicone and tartaric acid, which can be beneficial to employees of certain sectors.
Some of the benefits of zinc oxide:

  • Protects from acne and sunburn.
  • Treats the most common forms of rashes (including diaper rash) and skin irritation.
  • Heals damaged tissue from the inside out, giving it anti-aging properties.
  • Has strong anti-bacterial infection properties, making it medically advantageous.

The kaolin contained in barrier creams holds the following properties:

  • Removes excess sebum from the face – a continuous layer of kaolin on the face ensures that excess oil is regularly removed.
  • Nature’s very own defoliator and detoxifier.
  • Naturally tones the skin, removing patches of uneven skin tone.
  • Extremely calming and soothing to the skin and gently removes all pre-existing rashes.

Barrier creams have been successfully used by employees in various sectors to test for their efficacy. Employees in the food processing sector, nurses, bricklayers, metal workers, cleaners, printers, as well as hairdressers used barrier creams for protection against the harmful irritants present in their respective fields of work.
Barrier creams are even designed to offer protection for the hands against harmful irritants, such as detergents and some other chemicals of daily use.
Barrier creams have proven to be effective against the most common skin and face related ailments. To get your hands on one today, visit:  https://rsvpmedspa.com/